Statistical Natural Language Processing (Summer 2020)

Lecturer: Prof. Klakow

Location: Zoom/MS Teams. See below at “Registration for participation”

Time: 8:30-10:00
Starts: Friday, May 8th

Suitable for: CS, CuK, Mechatronik, CoLi, Visual Computing

See LSF entry.


Exam: Friday July 17th 8:00 to 10:00

Make sure you register in HISPOS in time. Deadline is 10.7.


Registration for participation: Registration is OPEN . Please note that the registration system does not send a confirmation mail. Please not that the registration system does not send a confirmation mail.To access MS Teams go here. On MS Teams you also find information how to join the Zoom session.

Forum: to be done


To be done by a doodle among participants. We plan to run three tutorial groups.


  1. Introduction
  2. Natural Language as a Sequence of Symbols
  3. Basics of Language Modeling
  4. Entropy
  5. Backing-Off Language Modeling
  6. Text Classification
  7. Word Sense Disambiguation
  8. CRFs and Sequence Labeling
  9. Information Retrieval
  10. Machine Translation 

Note: given that the summer semester 2020 is most likely, the content will be adjusted.