Software Project Neural Networks (Winter 2024/25)

Lecturer: Dietrich Klakow

Location:  to be announced

Grading: 50% based on the project work, 25% final report, 25% final presentation

Registration for participation : please register here

HISPOS-Registration deadline: see LSF


You will work as a group on a project.

  • Learn about natural language processing (or related topics) with neural networks
  • Learn to create software in a team


  • 1. Meeting: discuss organizational topics
  • 2. Meeting: everybody presents a project idea and we discuss them
  • 3. Meeting: we will form teams for 3-4 participants to work on the selected project ideas from the previous meeting
  • 4. Meeting: more elaborate presentation of the project idea by project team, which data to us, who will be working on what, ….

These four meetings will happen during the winter semester and will be scheduled in agreement with the participants. The actual implementation will happen during the next spring break and we will have weekly meetings during that time.

Past projects as examples:

  • short hand recognition
  • code completion using LSTMs
  • Arabic-English machine translation
  • GANs for dialog systems
  • Detecting breast cancer using NNs
  • Englisch-Korean MT
  • hate speech detection