Software Project Neural Networks (Winter 19/20)

Winter 19/20

Lecturer: Dietrich Klakow

Location:  to be announced

Time: I will set up a doodle for a kick-off meeting

Application for participation:  closed

Note: major parts of the software project will be done in the fall break as a  5 weeks block course. During the coming winter semester the effort will be about 1h per week for preparing the project and planing it.

HISPOS registration deadline: Monday 23. November


You will work as a group on one or two projects. The learning objectives are

  • Learn about natural language processing (or related topics) with neural networks
  • Learn to create software in a team


  • will follow

Past projects:

  • short hand recognition
  • code completion using LSTMs
  • Arabic-English machine translation
  • GANs for dialog systems
  • Detecting breast cancer using NNs
  • English-Korean MT
  • hate speech detection