The COMPRISE Text Transformer

An open source tool for text de-identification.

Many documents contain private information. When these documents are shared with others, there is a risk that this information may falls into the wrong hands. It is worth preserving and protecting the privacy of the involved people, but doing it all by hand is cumbersome and costly.

The COMPRISE Text Transformer is an open-source tool that helps protect private information in text. It automatically identifies different types of potentially private information (names, organizations, locations, etc.) and offers different strategies to cope with them.

Mrs. Johnson from Seattle, WA, has worked for Boeing for 29 years.
Redact:Mrs.   from  , has worked for   for   years.
Word-by-word replacement:Mrs. Smith from Boston, Miami, has worked for SAP for 4 years.
Full entity replacement:Mrs. Vernon from Frankfurt, has worked for Tesla for 15 years.

Benefits & Features

The COMPRISE Text Transformer is a great tool to help with large-scale de-identification of text documents.

  • Runs on any platform that supports Python3: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Three transformation strategies to choose from
  • Freely available

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