Neural Networks: Implementation and Application (NNIA, Winter 2024/2025)

This is the version for CoLis (bachelor and master) only. No other students permitted.

Starts: 22.1025

Location: HS1 in E25 (large lecture hall math)


Registration: please register here by November 1st for participation. Registration for the exam has to be done separately. Please check LSF and the corresponding deadline.


There will be two tutorials groups. Details to follow.


  1. Linear Algebra and Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  2. Numerical Computation
  3. Machine Learning Basics
  4. Deep Feedforward Neural Networks
  5. Regularization for Deep Learning
  6. Optimization for Deep Learning
  7. Convolutional Neural Networks
  8. Sequence Modelling: Recurrent and Recursive Neural Networks

Text Books:

Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Charu C. Aggarwal

Deep Learning by Aaron Courville, Ian Goodfellow, Joshua Bengio

Geometry of Deep Learning, Jong Chul Ye