Digital Signal Processing 2020

Lecturer: Prof. Klakow

Location: MS Teams and Zoom. See below “Registration for participation”

Time: 10:15-11:45
Starts: Monday, May 4th

Suitable for: CS, CuK, Mechatronik, CoLi

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Registration for participation: Registration is OPEN . Please note that the registration system does not send a confirmation mail.To access MS Teams go here. On MS Teams you also find information how to join the Zoom session.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Signal Representations
  3. Filtering and Smoothing
  4. Linear Predictive Coding
  5. Microphone Arrays
  6. Object Tracking and the Kalman-Filter
  7. Wiener Filter
  8. Feature Extraction from Audio Signals
  9. KL-Transform and Linear Discriminant Analysis
  10. Basics of Classification
  11. Speaker Recognition
  12. Musical Genre Classification 
  13. Clustering

Given that the summer semester 2020 is most likely shorter, the content will be reduced.

Maple Scripts:

Signal Representations

Filtering and Smoothing

Microphone Arrays



Script for an old version of the lecture in German