Marius Mosbach

Research Interests
My research is concerned with representation learning and multi-modal machine learning in the field of natural language processing (NLP).
In particular, I’m interested in how we can learn better representations of natural language by leveraging world knowledge.
Further, I am interested in adversarial machine learning and its applications for interpreting and understanding machine learning models.

Building C7 1 Room 0.11
Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus
66123 Saarbrücken

You can also contact me by email: mmosbach at lsv dot uni-saarland dot de

Publications & Preprints

Below you find some of my recent publications and preprints. You can also check my Google Scholar profile.


I’m currently involved in supervising the following students

  • Daria Pylypenko (Impact of real-world knowledge on the decodability of natural language commands in the navigation environment – Master Thesis)
  • Anilkumar Erapanakoppal Swamy (Analyzing the generalization ability of Transformers for solving combinatorial optimization problems – Master Thesis)
  • Sven Stauden (Robustness of Transfer Learning Approaches in NLP – Master Thesis)