Methods of Mathematical Analysis

Winter Semester 2017/18

Lecturer: Clayton Greenberg

The resit exam is on April 11. HISPOS registration is open.

Lecture slides are available in the Google Calendar description.

This course derives the most relevant results in calculus, mathematical logic, and linear algebra and applies those to some machine learning / natural language processing tasks.  Material will be presented at a level aimed as a gentle reintroduction to topics that may not have been used in recent studies.  However, students will be expected to participate actively in class and complete regular take-home exercises, in order to achieve operational competency by the end of the semester.

Suitable for: LST / LCT / Computer Science / CuK

Lectures:   Fri   14-16 c.t. beginning October 27, C7.3 1.12 - Seminarraum

Exercises: Thu 14-16 c.t. beginning October 26, C7.3 1.12 - Seminarraum

Office hour: Immediately after the Friday lecture

Grading: project 20%, written midterm exam 10%, written final exam 70%

Exam qualification: must obtain 50% of points on written exercises / project

In email related to this course: please use the subject tag [MoMA]

Literature (available at the UdS Informatics Library):

Eccles, P. J. (1997). An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: numbers, sets and functions. Cambridge University Press.

Lay, D. (2005). Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Updated Edition. Addison Wesley.

Stewart, J. (2002). Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 5th Edition. Brooks Cole.